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Video: Unboxing My Envy box December 2017

Hi friends,
The saying that "Better late than never" holds so true in case of receiving your online orders. I placed my order for 3 months subscription of My Envy Box few weeks back and because of some glitch it took a bit longer for me to receive my December box. 
Nevertheless, I got it yesterday, and was quite delighted to see the lovely ❄ snowflakes on the box. 

All in all, my January 2018 has started on a good note, and finally being able to receive my box just made it a lot better.
Below, check out the video of me unboxing it and all the products that I got.

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Can't wait for my January 2018 box now, and I hope it doesn't take so long to come.
Until next time,
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I find Sugar Cosmetics Tic Tac Toe Nail lacquers lit AF and here's why?

Though its time to take a detox from all the festivities, glitter and glamour, I am still in the momentum and couldn't stop myself in indulging a bit more.

A part of that indulgence was to order these glitter nail lacquers from Sugar cosmetics. This was my first ever purchase from the brand and I am so glad I got these.

The shades I ordered were named - "Show of sands" and "Bridal brown".

True to their names, these nail lacquers are gorgeously pigmented and full of micro glitters that look absolutely breathtaking when light falls on them.

"Show of sands" looks exactly like its name. Exquisitely soft nude sand shade with soft glitters.

"Bridal brown" is a perfect party mate for your nails. It is a gorgeous dark brown shade with micro glitters.

The bottles look cute. The applicator brush is thick and gives a smooth finish in one go.

With twice application, you can expect them to stay on your nails for 5-6 days. The good thing is that the lacq…

May this Year help you find a perfume that is less awe-inspiring than chocolate flavored EDT!

First of all let me wish you a very Happy, Prosperous and Blessed 2018. May this year bring you lots and lots of success and happiness in everything you do.

Now, coming to my New Year's Eve Celebration, I had an awesome time here enjoying the party, dancing a lot and just having whole lot of fun with friends and family. We went to the party at 8:00 PM and came back at 3 AM, and I am still feeling a bit groggy while typing this blogpost.

Anyhoo, so sharing here few highlights of the evening and what I wore. Check out the video and few pics below:

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And below is a compilation of few stuffs - decor, gazals and dance that happened at the party:

I also attended the game of housie on December 30th at Sports club (CCW) and below is a short video of it:

I find Maybelline Fit Me Foundation a little weird. Here's why!

Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love this foundation from Maybelline fit me range, and this shade 230 - Natural buff almost feels like second skin on my skin and complexion. However, the way it stays put on my face is something I find slightly weird.

I checked my shade online from reviews of various bloggers and got my perfect shade after reading the review on  corallista blog. I placed the order online on amazondotin and got it happily in my makeup kitty ๐Ÿ˜ few months back.

My joys held no bounds when I saw the way it so seamlessly blended into my skin and gave me an almost airbrushed finish, that too without the use of any primer. Total bliss ๐Ÿ˜‡.

However, after few hours of wearing it full on face, I saw that my face looked a lil darker. So, OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฑ it oxidizes after 3-4 hours of wearing....and bleh ๐Ÿ˜’ there goes my happiness down the drain.

But, I loved the shade and the texture so decided to wear it like a concealer and not like a foundation. Somehow, it has worked miraculous…

I applied L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza Diamond Black and Danced For 2 hours. So, Did it Pass the Sweat Test?

No matter how sultry dance parties look in movies and music videos, and no matter how impeccable the dancing stars look in them, the reality is that if you aren't breathless and sweaty within half an hour of dancing, you aren't dancing at all.

For me the most important party staples aren't the sexy shoes or the LBDs, but a good waterproof makeup and of course a long lasting perfume that can stand the heat.
I am not a person to regularly go to the loo for touch ups. Once I am all dolled up, I like to focus on other stuffs rather than fussing about where my lipstick vanished or whether my mascara got smudged or not.
I have been using L'Oreal Paris Super Liner Gel Intenza in shade 003 - Diamond Black since few months now, and what I loved about this liner is the non-fussy application and equally non-fussy removal. ๐Ÿ˜‡

It is jet black, has very minute glitters that make my eyes sparkle and I love the effect. But, what got me interested was the claim of 36 hours stay.. I wa…

I ordered Aroma Treasures Eye care kit and Got a sunscreen in it... What!

A few weeks back I was searching for a decent eye care product and really wanted to order StBotanica under eye cream, but since I live in a place that is even remote-er than the "kaala paani",  none of the online shopping websites had their delivery areas to my place especially for this cream.
So, I had to hunt for the alternatives and landed on Aroma Treasures eye care kit. Somehow, I love the concept of kits. There is something so satisfying about seeing a cute load of stuffs in a kit and somehow gives the feeling that you are getting something extra, even though you are paying for it. I always search fot kits and combos while shopping online rather than the actual product e.g instead of searching for Maybelline lipstick, I would search for "Maybelline lipstick combo". Is it just me doing this weird thing? If you are also like this then comment "high-five" below. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

It gets me so excited to see so many products at slashed prices ( even though if I bu…

Can you Replace Your Hair Oil with Pantene Oil Replacement Hair Cream?

I ordered Pantene Oil Replacement hair cream from Nykaa few weeks back and have been using it since then.

Though I haven't yet replaced my hair oil with this, however I do have to say that it has been quite a saviour for my hair, especially in current dry and cold climate.

I usually use it after washing my hair; just partition my hair in half and use pea size product on each partition.

I love the fruity fragrance it gives to my hair and the fact that it instantly gets absorbed without leaving any sort of oiliness or greasiness behind.

Also, the product has decent consistency, hence easy to take out and apply.

Often, in winters in my hurry to come out of shower as quickly as possible, I skip using conditioner after shampoo ๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜€, and this has worked well in giving instant boost and softness to my (usual dry and rough) hair. So, it gets full points on that.

Often, I have used it on my dry hair and it works fine that way as well.

On the downside, it has dimethicone and parabens, so ?…